About Us

Hi everyone, my name is Dimples. I was once abandoned to my fate along with my brother and sister. Without proper care, we soon fell sick and I had to watch them die. I thought I would be a goner too, but I was rescued, treated and rehabilitated. Now, I am working at the Care Vet Clinic. I’ve been told that my job is to be the face of the clinic. I’m not very sure what it means, but I am well fed, get to meet new friends and play and above all, enjoy very comprehensive health benefits.

The Veterinarians

Dr Wendy Toh

Passionate about animals since young,Wendy has always had the inclination towards helping animals and caring for them. Prior to being a veterinarian, she was a Biological Science graduate from NUS and worked in the Singapore Zoo as an education officer as well as helped look after exotic animals.
Thereafter she moved on to pursue a Vet degree and graduated in 2009 and practiced in Singapore since. She concentrates mainly on companion small animals and has an interest in internal medicine, soft tissue surgery and imaging.