Our Services


We are well-equipped with the necessary diagnostic tools including digital x-ray machine and blood analysers. We provide all basic health services including the following:

  • Vaccinations for dogs and cats
  • Teeth scaling and polishing (Under anaesthesia)
  • In-house laboratory diagnostic tests (e.g. complete blood count, biochemistry panel, urinalysis, blood cortisol, thyroid and bile acids levels)
  • Digital X-Rays
  • Surgery (e.g. sterilisation of dogs, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs, cystotomy, lumpectomy and caesarean section)
  • Health check for export/immigration
  • Wellness check (Packages include blood tests. Please call to enquire.)

Standard Consultation (15min)$30
Extended Consultation$40-$60
Vaccination Dog$40-$50
Vaccination Cat$40
Cat Castration$130
Cat Spay$150
Dog Castration$230 – $350
Dog Spay$280 – $400
Sterilisation complications*from $50
Teeth Scaling and Polishing**from $190
Per Tooth Extraction$15-$50
*e.g. on heat and retained testicles
**under GA